Saturday, 5 October 2013

Hungarian Uprising 1956

Life Under Rakosi

  • Rakosi used terror and brutality to keep control. He also killed and imprisoned many of his opponents
  • Hungarian economy was controlled by USSR through Cominform. This prevented Hungarian trade with Western Europe and prevented them from getting Marshall Aid. Also the plan was devoted to heavy industry and production and steel. However, was rich in other resources, so the economical plan further declined economy
  • In 1952, Hungary experienced lowest agriculture output which caused the standard of living to drop. They were also unfairly treated by the USSR and they were not given the right price for their exports.

Hungarian Uprising - Oct 1956


  • The death of Stalin in March 1953 sparked reactions from the Hungarian public.
  • The secret speech in February 1956 where Khrushchev announced desalinization which initiated the Khrushchev thaw.
  • Also Life Under Rakosi

What Happened
  • When Stalin died Rakosi was replaced by Nagy
  • Nagy broadcast that Hungary would make reforms. Reforms included: withdrawing Hungary from Warsaw Pact, releasing Rakosi’s political prisoners and ask UN to intervene between Hungary and USSR.
  • Soviet tanks went into Budapest to restore order and they acted with immense brutality
  • As a result Khrushchev replaced Nagy with Janos Kadar

  • Khrushchev did not want to seem weak by other Warsaw pact members.
  • The Soviet Union had maintained its empire and it ensured that everyone saw the USSR as the leader.
  • It soured relations between USA and USSR because USSR’s attempt for peace was solved by using violence.