Sunday, 13 October 2013

Cuban Missile Crisis 1962

Cuban Missile Crisis 1962


  • The Bay of Pigs Invasion brought Castro much closer to USSR.
  • In response to US missiles in Turkey, USSR placed missiles in Cuba, when U2 spy planes took photographs of Cuba showing the IRBM missiles, everything changed.

What Happened

  • It was decided to place a naval blockade/quarantine to prevent anymore Soviet equipment going into Cuba
  • Kennedy told Khrushchev he would stop any military equipment going into Cuba and send it back to USSR


  • Kennedy was successful as he had stood up to Communism and had removed presence of missiles in Cuba
  • Khrushchev was criticised by many as he sent missiles but backed down and as result he was sacked as a leader in 1964
  • The leaders had almost gone into a nuclear war which would have ended the world, which greatly reduced tension between the two sides

Extra Information

  • Further improvements in relations between the two superpowers came with the Test Ban Treaty, which was signed in August 1963
  • This agreed to stop testing nuclear weapons unless underground
  • The arms race had nearly brought a nuclear war, so the superpowers began to consider limitations 
  • In 1969, Strategic Arms Limitation Talks  (SALT) began and later included a Treaty
  • D├ętente (attempt to improve relations). An improvement in relations can be seen by the sale of grain permitted by the US to the USSR in 1963