Saturday, 28 September 2013

How did the Soviet Union expand?

How Did Soviet Union Expand?

  • They imprisoned other politicians in Hungary except the communist government. They also attacked church leaders
  • The communist government seized control and in 1947 the Small Holders party leader was arrested and forced to resigned making the communist government come to power
  • Non-communist politicians were arrested and the foreign secretary was murdered
  • Rigged elections brought the communist party to govern.

  • In 1945, the communists were encouraged by Stalin to take part in demonstrations thus disrupting the government
  • Also the Soviet army disarmed the Romanian army and forced the King to appoint a communist government.

  • In 1947, elections were rigged to ensure communist government came to power.

  • Tito was elected leader and he had no intention of taking orders from Stalin. As a result Yugoslavia was expelled from Cominform
  • Tito accepted aid from the West showing their distance from Soviet Union.